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Hey guys. Quick one here. I've had this for about two months now. About two weeks ago things started changing. Instead of remaining reliably constan my symptoms seems to vary better or worse on a daily basis, but never too bad. This doesn't bother me as much as I've been having more good days. What is bothering me is I seem much more prone to anger. Things that normally wouldn't bother me just set me right off. A couple of days ago I punched a hole in my wall because I didn't tie my tie right.

Have any of you experienced this? Do you think this is at ask related to my condition or potentially something else?

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If you're experiencing stress and anxiety it can easily turn into anger. I don't think it's related to HPPD itself. I had my first real Keppra rage the other day though, pretty embarrasing afterwards. My family had an argument by the kitchen table and I destroyed my plate. I never destroyed things previously in my whole life, except for teenage vandalism. Fuck ties. Why are you wearing those anyways? :) 

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Oh a fancy lawyer, please sentence the fellas that's selling bad acid and fake-ass MDMA for a more HPPD-free society! Yeah Keppra is a blessing for me. I never thought that it would work so much for the DP/DR and brainfog and socializing. On good days I feel like I used too pre-HPPD, and I don't care as much about the visuals anymore either. I get tired few times a week but that's it. And this rage was crazy, but I told them that I need a calm enviroment so I think they do understand the situation as I've told them about possible side-effects of the drug. It's just the fucking floaters and the sunlight that's ripping me apart, everywhere, all the time. After doing that vitrectomy I'll probably be looking forward to live again. Dr. C K Patel in UK at Oxford does that shit with a great success without having to worry about cataracts later on.


Yeah you know violent and aggressive people are just stressed and very emotional. Some people cry, other destroy things. It's better to hit a wall then to hurt yourself or someone else. The wall doesn't got feelings and the next time you get mad you can just look at the bloody hole in your wall and you might change your mind. :D Good luck with your studies, your a champ that's dealing with that with your symptoms.

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Thanks man. Good luck on the procedure! And hopefully I went be sentencing anyone, working towards being a defense attorney. Went through the court system a year or so ago. Ironicly it was one of the things that made me want to be a part of that same system, haha. Funny how things work out.

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I am gonna go out on a limb and say F the system. 

Corrections don't correct they punish.  Why don't they just call it the Punishment System?


Don't get angry.  In the field, you have chosen for yourself, you can't really win.  I mean you can make money as a defense lawyer but the courts are scary and sometimes wrong and sometimes ruins people's lives and sometimes without due process. 

I think if you let people be and don't judge for yourself that the right thing to do will come to you more clearly.  

Perhaps not wanting to punch a hole in the wall is a better way to feel. 


Try to stay safe and be safe.  If you have an issue, write a post or talk to a friend.   The site can help you.  : )

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dude I have the same issue. except I quit smokinig pot yesterday so it was unbearable; I raged earlier in high school(nor keppra) and just left because I was so impatient. yeah stuff collects in our subconscious minds. like he said some people are violent some people cry . I like to listen to music, do art, cry, and sometimes punch things. but Yoga and Meditation helped me the most. its training the mind to be stronger by use of sustained focus. it Is so beneficial in so many ways including reduced anxiety/depression(thus dr/dp), increased focus, thoughts collected, knowing yourself, deeper general breathing. yoga stretches out muscles and spine, releasing tension like acupuncture.


try valerian root for anxiety its cheaper than Xanax lol and doesn't kill u. takes awhile to work


I just quit weed. a sativa strain helped me "find myself" and I recollected my thoughts and priorities. also, it got rid of my DR and Hppd by a noticablew amount which was weird. everyones different. I quit smoking yesterday. I wouldn't recommend it , it dissociated me sometimes and indica made my floaters crazy. yeah its just annoying living in a 2-d world. but clearing your mind aka meditation will help relieve anxiety if you learn it. good luck :). umm just do physical exersize that's my fave.

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