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I've had HPPD / depersonalization since December 30th for sure. I've been to a psychward and have been diagnosed. Doctors have me half milligram pills of Risperidone (I know, makes it worse) but it doesn't make my visuals worse and helps with depersonalization so I take them.

I have discontinued cannabis use. My symptoms aren't nearly as bad as some peoples, I see streaks of light in my main vision, also in my peripheral. I will never trip again or smoke weed.

Would drinking worsen my symptoms / make me not heal? I feel like this will go away but I need to be sure before I drink. I miss getting high I guess but I love drinking so much, however it's Definetly not worth the risk of not recovering. Thanks :) stay happy

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Had HPPD for 4-5 months. Been drinking 3 times with mates and going out etc. It did put me in some bad siutations, for example being tipsy and someone passing me a joint. Ofcourse I did say no. But as a few beers during the night makes me forget about my HPPD, maybe I'd do something stupid if I get too wasted. Other than that, no problems except hangovers lasts 2 days and I wasn't even drinking that much.

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Drinking doesn't really effect my HPPD... a really bad hangover does but I don't hit it that hard anymore. 


Drinking of course is a bad coping skill in dealing with HPPD (or anything in life for that matter).  It's easy to fall into the trap of using it to escape for a night a week... then two nights... then three... then you're drinking pints... then five nights... etc... etc...


I don't think having a couple of beers with friends will hurt you... it will probably make you feel more human... but it's a personal decision.

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