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who of you have that?

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Absolutely man. 24/7.  I get negative after-images a lot when I'm walking outside in the day time. One of my more frequent experiences is when I look at the top of a tree line, there will be a negative image of the entire tree line floating above the actual tree line, if that makes sense. But I would say anything that I look at for more than one second, if I look away, I will see it in front of me for a few seconds before it slowly dissolves. It's become so normal for me at this point, but there are days when it wears on me. You aren't alone man!

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I think that almost everyone who has HPPD suffers from this. I've heard a lot of success when it comes to treating after-images with higher doses of Keppra. To avoid getting after-images, don't focus on the same spot too long. And don't look for it. Avoid enviroments with a lot of strong light. And wear sunglasses outdoors.

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