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My Keppra Trial


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Happy new year!


Mine's probably gonna suck but things are getting a bit better.


I've been on Keppra for roughly 5 weeks now, started at 250 mg a day, and I'm now at 2x 500 mg day and night.

I can't describe this in the percentages as this disorder comes in waves for me. For example on some days I still question who I am, where on some days I almost feel completely like myself. Visuals seems to be quite stable though.



- DP/DR reduced

- Brain fog reduced (cognition improved).

- Trails slightly reduced

- Starbursting slightly reduced

- Stopped losing a lot of hair (can be related to something else).

- Visual snow reduced

- Floaters slightly reduced

- After-images (but I barely had them in the first place).

- Emotions improved. (I can laugh more often and I can cry which helps with the anxiety). Not sure if I'd prefer the comfortably numb feelings though, but I guess not.

- Memory: I can relate to memories better.

- Neck pain is improved.

- Eye strain improved (fuck yeah!) I hated this so much, and now I barely get it anymore.

- High feelings gone. (kind of suck but I guess I won't miss it that much because it felt really wierd).


Worsening/Side effects:

- Anxiety, I was completely anxiety free when my HPPD started which lasted for 3 months but now it's rough. Maybe it has something to do with depersonalization lifting. That I'm actually dealing with more feelings now.

- Depression. (could also be caused by different reasons, as I was heavily depressed prior to Keppra but I know there is a general 6% chance in Keppra patients to experience this)

- Extreme tiredness randomly occured twice. Don't get it anymore. I don't do much during the days though, it might be different in an active life.

- Easily irritated first weeks.


Things coming up:


I will talk to my neurologist this Thursday to get some more Keppra and will probably increase the dose to 1500 mg a day. I will stick to this dose for a while.


I might ask the doctor for Naltrexone for the dissocation. A lot of positive vibes here regarding that: http://hppdonline.com/index.php?/topic/68-success-with-naltrexone-read-this/page-2

There's also another study with some great success: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15876908


Life in general is still a living hell, but if these improvements keep on coming I might get out of it alive.


I got a new goal in life too: To study biochemical medicine to cure us and our children. Hopefully I'll be able to get my feet back on track to be able to do this as soon as possible.


Take care everyone,

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Ran out of B-vitamin which increased depression heavily. When starting again anxiety and depression was lifted. Confirms the theory that Keppra is using up a lot of B6 in the system which leads to a deficiency of the vitamin. Symptoms of serious deficiency include muscle weakness, nervousness, irritability, depression, difficulty concentrating, and short-term memory loss. I advise anyone who tries Keppra to use a B-complex vitamin boost or pyridoxine.

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DP/DR is getting better every week. Visual Snow is basicly gone. I had a mild version of visual snow previously but the CEV:s was pretty strong. They are reduce to 90% including visual snow. Thought I'd let you know.

No improvement on trails, starbursting or floaters. Side effects: somnolence appears randomly few times a week.

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