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Think I found the cause of my perception disorder!!!!


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So after typing in on google ...multiple chemical sensitivities and environmental sensitivities I came across this article about carbon monoxide poisoning and it's affects on the sensory nerves!! Obviously this may not be the cause for everyone and I do beleive my case of hppd deviates away from the norm but what we all share is extreme sensitivity too almost everything (not all of us obviously) I know I cannot take anything and react badly to everything including weather extremes...

It's called muses syndrome ...here is an article http://www.mcsrr.org/poe/cohome.html


I am in the process of doing all the testing but they have already found something wrong in my oxygen levels ....my theory is Iboga caused my body so much stress and in order for my body to get rid of the Iboga it was under so much stress and produced carbon monoxide which flooded my sensory system and gave me hppd .....i rlly feel like I found good information for my style of hppd!!!

Just thought I'd share :)

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Yes there is a chance of full fuking recovery !! So far I have done my venous blood has tests...liver functioning and metabolic. Just left is arterial blood gas testing then results will go to my doctor. I know I have a probly with my oxygen because of wat happened in Brazil and then it clicked when I typed in environmental sensitivities and multiple chemical sensitivity on google :)

Carbon monoxide may be a cause for many ppl with hppd honestly... But of course there are probly many others too but if ur super sensitive to everything such as supplements, electromagnetic fields and the extreme weather conditions like I am then deff get checked out for muses syndrome

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