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does anyone else react very badly to extremely humid weather??

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I would like to know if I share this in common with anyone else...


so I arrived in brasilia a couple of weeks ago...it was very hot and humid...i didnt know it was wet season..4 days later my stupid brain started getting aggitated and started to react to the air and possible humiditity ...i had to leave brasilia and when i did my hppd started to worsen...i was dehydrated to fuck and thought i was gonna die ....am now hanging out in são Paulo and waiting to try a dehumidifier to see if that was the actual problem and to see if it will help....usually i cannot sleep a wink at night and my brain starts reacting etc


am i really odd in this symptom and alone in it??

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Try electrolyte drinks like smart water. Dehydration is not something to take lightly. And yes humid weather is a lot like being in a sauna so it can suck moisture out of you through your sweat. If you're craving salt, having low blood pressure symptoms, etc, and water alone isn't doing the trick, eat a salty snack with lots of water. Dehydration can dilate pupils and I'm guessing that can distort vision.

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