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Hello people.

Viewed posts where people are claming feeling better by focusing in reduce fungals in their bodies, eating better, eating anti-fungal's food like garlic, using anti-fungals herbs... I would like to talk with all you differents symptoms or simply what do you think about it. I'm not saying hppd don't exist or drugs are not the cause, only would like dialogue and found similarities that could help us to get better.

Posts in hppd about "success" fungals focusing or in relation with different causes.




http://hppdonline.com/index.php?/topic/4233-no-drugs-just-unlucky/?hl=pain#entry26422 - hppd withouth drugs.

http://hppdonline.com/index.php?/topic/4111-tingling/?hl=pain#entry25811 - a boy suffering of chronic fatigue also.

http://hppdonline.com/index.php?/topic/4068-embarrasing-to-ask/?hl=pain - me and other boy with testicle pain (I still have it and I'm not anxious thanks to my treatment)


There are a lot of web pages where people suffering Visual Snow Syndrome mark the candida like the cause of their symptoms. Visual snow, for who don't know, is a very similar condition that hppd, where sufferers share very similar symptoms without had abused of hallucynogens drugs, as palinopsia (tracers, retarded images), CEV'S, pixelated vision and brain fog.

They are complaining also of stomach issues, pain&itching&barning in differents parts of the body (legs, feets, hands, mouths...), white tongue, tinnitus, ear infections, etc.

Personally, when my hppd started few months before taking drugs, I was playing a football match and in less than a minute, I lost myself and visuals started as 2D vision. Few weeks later, I was really exhausted, pain&itching&burning in legs, feets, mouth, as I mentioned before, tinnitus came, slow-grade fever, dizzines... I was told by my doctors that anxiety were causing that, a big dick for them.

Than started to doing sports and gym very slowly and now I'm very much better. I'm still fighting with brain fog, but I can do exercise at least.

I would be sure that I'm suffering hppd for my bad trip, but fungals can be relationed? I had seen hiv forums where people are claming to suffer VS after unprotected sex with prostitutes or strangers!

My hppd started after also unprotected sex with a strange girl, I had/still have:

- White tongue

- Palinopsia

- Brain fog

- Chronic exhaustion&fatigue (fixed)

- Tinnitus

- Visual años

- Hard pain in my legs&harms (fixed)

- Itching&burning&paresthesias in my mouth and fingers of hands and feets.

What do you think about all of these? Had you unprotected sex same time doing drugs? Had or still have some of these symptoms? If you had, and now they are fixed, how long time dured it?

Excuse my bad english, please. It's difficult to talk in your own language, imagine you speaking spanish, haha,

Regards for all!

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