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How big are the chances of Keppra NOT working for a typical HPPD case?


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What dose are you at? I started Keppra yesterday and didn't really notice any difference except that my mood is great today. And I think more clear. No brainfog etc. What I've heard it can take up to a year for it's full effect. And it depends on what dose you are at. I'm just stabalizing on 250 mg for 2 weeks, where I don't except much. But then going higher, hopefully some symptoms will subside.

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Yeah man depression sucks! I get spikes though. High days of 2-3 lasting days. I got this feeling in my stomach, tingling nervousity and I feel pretty good. Quite positive as well. However, when it finishes I usually have 3-5 heavy depressive days where I sometimes wish my life to an end. So I think I got some issues with neural spike activities and my EEG turned out abnormal to kind of prove it. Hopefully my mood can stableize with Keppra as well. I got HPPD roughly 3 months ago so we seem to be on the same track here you and I.


For some reason it seems that the medical support has been increased or eveloped because both of us got help quite quickly, if you compare to some other members that has fought to even try out Keppra for years before succeded. Or maybe we're just lucky that any abnormalities were found, if that is lucky at all, but yeah.


Good luck with the trial and keep it posted!

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Good stuff mate!


I hate that cycle, and that it comes in waves like you say. I just wrote a thread about it. I agree completly with you. Good to see that someone can relate to it already.


Congrats on getting your trails reduced! Mine are pretty severe, but they have been reduced with a 5-10% or something. What dose are you on right now?


My brainfog and DP/DR as been reduced a lot. I almost feel like myself sometimes which is the best feeling ever. I guess we all react differently to them drugs. But yes I am happy that both of us got our EEG:s anomalies down on paper because further scans would take months and now we are getting treated and medicated with the best so far out of many aspects and that'll do it for me.


I will eat Keppra probably atleast for a year until I take a decision of continueing or not. I also want to higher the dosage soon. i will meet my neurologist in a few weeks to discuss the little success so far.


I can taste water again, I can feel my teeth when I brush them. I can smile without feeling like an alien. And that's everything to me.


Good luck!

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