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Clinical characteristics of individuals with schizophrenia and hallucinogen persisting perception disorder: a preliminary investigation

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The full version of this article is not free. I think it's interesting that many of the patients with schizophrenia and HPPD can differentiate between their psychotic symptoms and HPPD symptoms.


This is significant.  How to medically treat could be problematic.  


First, if any are 'dopamine-responsive', they can't be treated that way without making the dillusions worse.  (Don't worry Merkan, if you were schizophrenic, your Sinemet would have you over the edge).


Second, how many of these suffer schizophrenia from drug use?  Or have been made worse from the meds to treat psychosis?


Third, for those not showing any relationship between HPPD and dopamine, these would provide a study group that filters out the ~30-40% dopamine responders (tolcapone + sinamet)



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