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Symptoms Worse at Certain Times of Day?


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  1. 1. When are your Symtoms the Worst?

    • When I first wake up
    • Around mid-day
    • Evening is the worst
    • Just before I go to bed
    • They're the same all the time
    • Other

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Anyone notice a pattern as to when your HPPD and or DP/DR symptoms become worse?

For me it seems to be around 6-9pm. For some reason these are the worst hours for me. I'm just trying to find out if anyone else sees a pattern. One thing that is different during that time is that it is usually the busiest time for me at work and it's after I eat a big meal... around that time I usually pop a .25 of klonopin and once it "runs it's course" an hour or so later I feel less derealized and less brain fog.

I'm selecting "mid-day" as my choice as I'm a second shifter and usually wake up around noon. If you select other please explain the circumstances.

Thanks for participating!

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6 to 9pm too, my dp/dr becomes worst of something like that, but i belive its something mental. The last week i tell me "go to hell" and focus my mind in other things, like playing piano or cooking.

Now i dont see the difference between the rest of the day. Mental control i think, is one of the keys.

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I've always wondered about this. Mornings are the worst for me. Around 5 PM I usually get better. Not sure why. I think it may have to do with "mental control" as said earlier here. Being unemployed due to this and depressed, I dwell on such things all day, depression, HPPD, life in general, my lack of momories/bad memory are all I think about. Just waiting for 5 PM when I usually feel fine ( I use the term "fine" loosely) and the DP/DR sort of fades.

But there have been times where I just say fuck it i'm going to try and enjoy my life, and have, mid day, felt great and not thought about HPPD. Though I find it exhausting.

I've also thought perhaps the darkness around 5PM helps. Sure some visuals are worse at night (trails and light related ones, after images/starburst) but I don't notice the massive amounts of floaters in my eyes as much. Those really bother me for some reason. I can't not focus on them.

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