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Double vision, ghosting on the object

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Hello guys, I'm back, my HPPD worsened in recent months  :(  :(  :(  :(  :(


I developed double vision, I see normal for close but away I see two objects being that there is only one, my vision is getting across to the right hand, my left eye is getting lazy.


See how this image:




And I'm also seeing ghost images on top of objects, as in this image:




Anyone with these symptoms?

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Hello xpect, sorry for get your hppd worse.

Yes, I have that symptoms, I think is blurred vision? I suppose that is un relation with visual snow, the snowing causes the visual disturbance called blurred vision.

How many meds are you taking and which are them?

Good lucky with your symptoms and try to not focus in visual disturbances. You can see almost. I prefer that than haven't eyes.

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I've only noticed this a few times, and then it goes away. It's pretty scary. Hopefully it's something that won't strike me in the future either. That's what's so scary with HPPD isn't it? You never know if you are recovering or if it's actually building up to something worse. I think that I've stableized for now. 3 months and counting.

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