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Visual snow = CEV:s theory


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So, basicly at night time, when I'm going to bed. Lights off. It's really dark and my visual snow is getting a lot more apparent.

Usually I barely notice any visual snow during daytime (kind of the only symptom that isn't severe for me).

When relaxing and trying to fall asleep I suddenly see my visual snow is taking shapes. There is no difference with eyes open or shut. I see my room and every detail of it with closed eyes, even though it's pitch black. It forms in a astral-like tunnel that pulls me further in. Colours are coming in, different beautiful shapes squirling around this inner circle, going deeper and deeper. And the visual snow is a total non-existance. If I'm not focusing on the CEV:s which is basicly just like a low dose of LSD, it disappears and then turns into standard visual snow again.


My theory is that, visual snow is a constant pattern of fractals and tunnels and geometrical patterns but during daylight, we obviously don't see it like that. We just notice the visual snow because our brain capacity isn't able to put it all togheter as they're quite advanced but light patterns. That means that our visual snow are OEV:s, but we just see the small static, and not the real trippy patterns and fractals that are taking shapes at every awake second.


Then you question yourself, since the acid is out of your body. There are no psychoactive substances in our bodies. How can we possible see these OEV:s of endless patterns? Hell, even some victims of visual snow got it from smoking weed or were simply born with it. How can they start to litteraly trip constantly visionally without even ingesting any psychadelics?


Some with strong visual snow reports seeing geometrical patterns on walls and roofs etc. This is simply your visual snow taking it's true form and you are finally seeing it.


Lets do some trials here, if it doesn't bother you too much. These CEV:s is the only thing that I think is positive with my HPPD as it helps me sleep and calm me down in a strange way. But don't doubt me, it's still a living hell with the rest. Got a bit of anxiety added to the mess now as well. Can't say I missed that friend..


Anyhow, back to the subject. Would you fellow victims be so kind to focus on your visual snow during bedtime? You'll have to be drug-free in order to do this, and try to find yourself relaxed. (Yes, I wrote try).

To see if it goes from having visual snow to a trippy pattern basicly. Just focus on the small little static-mother-fuckers att see what they'll turn in to.


These tunnels reminds me of the greatest trip I had about a year ago where traveling through time and space in a 3-dimensional space ending up in a dark void where this giant female godess made out of light was spinning slowly while hearing a phantomic buzz as she was spinning. It was the best experience in my life. I told myself I was done with psychadelics as it was the perfect trip. I wish that I'd kept that promise.


So why should we do this and what would it be good for? Well, research is great and it outrules a lot of theories on the visual snow, if it actually is CEV:s or OEV:s that's constantly is apparent then maybe that could lead to clues for a better treatment. I read about a guy that feel the exact same way as me, so please do this one and get back here to give an update.



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I get only that black and white checkerboard pattern right before falling asleep. When I notice it starts to form, I really must immediately open my eyes because in that way it goes away.

It freaks me out, especially because I cannot rationally say what it really is, where it comes from or why is it there.. A checkerboard from another dimension? Maybe it's only a tip I should start playing chess. I'm getting it probably 3-5 times a week.

Lights already off... Good night! :)

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Woah, that's really interesting. Sounds funny when you describe it like that, but I'm sure it's scary already. I just tend to accept it and enjoy, not to stress that I see these things. Maybe you always got this checkerboard thing in your vision but you don't see it unless it's pitch black. That's the weird phenomena I'm thinking about. Thanks for sharing. Good night!

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Haha, yes. Things could be so much worse then if it's visible 24/7.. What a terrible thought that is!

I've experienced stripes, especially with a big contrast quite disturbing as long as I can remember when they are on a large surface.

For example when I'm walking down a, let me say, cobblestone street, the street stones start to swirl at some point in the peripheral vision. When I look at the swirling directly, it's not there anymore.

Maybe the same happens with the thick night visual snow too, it does form things that are not there.. Probably it's all about the same "processing unit" that could work better..? :)

That's very interesting!

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