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Recently started this med.  There is much to say but my trial is new, time is needed, and thoughts difficult to express clearly.


Nevertheless, wanted to ask: Has anyone here tried this medication?



History: Cabergoline is an ergot derivative that mainly increases D2 receptor activity.  [ Bromocriptine is a similar med ]  It has been used to help with Parkinson's but is no longer used that way in USA because the effective doses for PD for long term use can cause pulmonary and/or heart valve problems.


It's main use is to shrink pituitary tumors (thus eliminating brain surgery).  Its action reduces prolactin.  It is also used as a female fertility drug and to shrink 'man-boobs'.


You will see this med talked about on muscle forums, as they sometimes get hormone problems with all the things they take to get bigger.  Cabergoline is also used recreationally to facilitate men achieving multiple orgasms.


The standard dosage is one 0.5mg pill twice a week.  This reports to be a safe dose with people taking it for life if needed.  'Dangerous' dosage is 3mg or more per day with accumulated amount exceeding 1000mg (at this level, a person has a 0.2% chance per year of the above mentioned problems)



My interest: Starting in 2008, many symptoms researched often would tie to possible D2 receptor damage/problems.  Recent genetic testing also showed weakness with this specific receptor.


Finally, after over 6 years of asking, I got a prescription for this.  Expectations were low, in part being it has been several years, but thought there would be some slight visual improvement.  My goal was simply to try this for diagnostic information.



Results: The initial effects caught me by surprise, as a lot more happened.  Here it gets difficult to express coherence, so a jumbley list.


Dosage is 0.25mg (1/2 pill) varying from every couple days to twice a day

Initial surge in testosterone for a number of days (this is always expected)

Vision sharper and more natural (less DR)

Feel more 'connected' to living things. (for example, amitriptyline make me feel 3rd person instead of being 1st person. this one is more 1st person)

More energy, able to focus (initially hyper-focus)

Focal length changed [eye glass prescription] (unexpected. My lenses always feel spasmed. Anticholiergics help for a few days)

Increase tinnitus (negative [warning!], unexpected) but this is improving as I adjust

Complete relieve of asthma and back muscle spasm - nice, clean, easy breathing (at higher doses, unexpected) First time in over 20 years.

The sense that some lasting improvements will remain even when no longer taking med.

Reduced sexual function (opposite of what was expected) though initial T surge was 'good'

Somewhat calming.

Often there is a 60 minute series of effects after each pill (though lessoning)  calm, sinus congestion then clearing, sensation on top of head

Requires Sinemet to work well, otherwise overall negative experience



Very expensive: $10-20 per pill even though it is generic.  My insurance will only cover enough for 2 months of each year.

While improving, tinnitus is a warning sign for me

Works better with Sinemet and with small amount of Amantadine - don't wish to increase the total number meds I take

Effects evening out, both good and bad are less so.

This med has answered some questions but also raise more questions.


Still adjusting and evaluating.  Overall a useful med for me.  Those interested in trying it for HPPD should first try Sinemet at evaluate its effect ... suspect that if you don't benefit from the levodopa at all, then you would not from this med.


Again, this is early reporting (6 weeks in) and subject to changes in opinion.  But it seemed important to let members know, and see if anyone else has tried it (weight lifters, hyperprolactimia, etc...)  As they say, 'Drive safely'

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With the site down a couple times, I've been away a few months as well.


This med is definitely a plus for me.  Side effects have subsided.  Much better motor control, its like muscles and fingers 'obey' me better than my whole life.  Vision sharp.  Think clearer.  Sexual function better now.  This is a must-try med for anyone who has had any sort of response to dopamine.  Perhaps even those who have not.  It did take a number of weeks to get used to it.  Currently at 0.75 mg/day.  


Aside from adjusting, one problem was the cost, but for now it cost me $4 a month.  The biggest problem is that I feel much better and then do more that I should ... then feel like crap again from overdoing 'life'.  But as a rule, I get twice as much out of each day than I used to.  Would like to increase dose but there is a long term risk associated with higher dosing.  So evaluating other options to boost it without increasing 'fibrosing' risks.  This is no longer a trial, but a 'must' med for me, along with Sinemet.  Had hoped to reduce overall meds but the increase of quality of life is the better option.


Merkan, given similarities between us, you should give this a try.  Not sure how it will affect you with the Klonopin and Keppra doses as high as you take, but cabergoline is not contraindicated with them.  My routine is: 0.25 cab + 1/2 sinemet 3 times a day.  300mg gabapentin and 250mg Keppra before bed only.  Every few days toss in 25mg amantadine.  So these figures are just food for thought.

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I can get this med without a prescription here in Brazil,though it's very expensive I think I'll try it.



It is good to try.  I find it doesn't work for me without Sinemet.  And then some amantadine helps.  In April and May I took only these meds (no Keppra or anything else) in the day then gabapentin before bed.  Felt the best in years.


Because there is a serious possible side effect when taking moderate-to-large doses for years, am working on a combination to try to boost its effect so as to reduce the daily and cumulative dose.


If you find it helps you significantly, then I'll come up with a document explaining long-term risks and how to reduce them.  But for now, just try and see.


Affordability is another factor.  Through the local pharmacy it would cost me $1500 per month.  Right now am getting it for $4 per month.




Ahhh Ergots, brought to you by the creator of LSD.


Got some questions but I have to go. Will post when I come back!


Haven't heard from you in a while ... are you OK?

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I'm only taking 0,5mg clonazepam before sleep at the moment...but I'll ask my doc about meds that could lift my dopamine.I once asked him about bupropione which boosts dopamine/orepinephrine,said I heard stories that it helped with visual,but he said me that it also increases anxiety so I decided not to take it at all...seems I'll need to ask for Sinemet,but seems like I'll need to give a good reason to him,since he's not that kind of Doc which is open to "new approaches" without evidences.

I wanted keppra too,but Levetiracetam it's not sold in Brazil yet,so there's no way for me to get if not to import it,which I won't as the med it's already expensive+taxes+shipping would be too much for me.

As for the cabergoline,well it is sold at 0,5mg here per tablet,what's the dosage you used Visual,and do you think I should start with it? I heard it has a very big half-life so taking it daily wouldn't really be the way I think...since it'll lower my prolactin a lot too(horny as hell maybe haha?).

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For me Cabergeline seems to need both Sinemet and Amantadine to work well ... which is kind of annoying.  But in 30 minutes of 0.25mg I 'see' improvements.  I do best on 0.25 cab + 1/2 sinemet (25/100) 3 times a day, 50mg amantadine in the morning, and 300 mg gabapentin before bed.


Yes, it is a major testosterone booster!


At this point it something members can try.  If you get any benefit, then its a matter of working out the dose and/or combination that is best.  Just start with 1/2 pill and see how you do.  Yes, it has a 3 day half life so often is taken just twice a week.  So no one should rush it.


It has the restriction of DO NOT TAKE meds that increase serotonin.  Even stuff like tramadol increases serotonin.  You can google to get a list of meds to avoid.


It's side effects are typical for any dopamine increasing med.  They can increase restless, nausea, etc.  The one serious side effect of cabergeline occurs when a person takes high doses (>1mg/day) for long time (10+years), then there is a risk of heart valve damage (too much 5HT2B).


Have you tried any other dopamine meds?



It is curious about the 5HT2B receptor which is implicated in HPPD (and LSD).  They found, at least in rats, that these receptors are in the amygdala.  When scientists increase 5HT2B receptor activity, it decreases anxiety and rats become more social.  Perhaps part of the anxiety problems that HPPDers face is due to this receptor being downregulated.

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So I'll start with 0,25mg twice a week to see if I can get any benefits.

And no,I never used dopamine meds,but I'll ask my doctor about them the next time I see him.Currently,I'm only at Clonazepam for sleep and it also helps me with occasional panic attacks taht may happen and also the visuals which are greatly improved if I take it during the day,but I rarely do that.

Bought online 8 tablets of 0,5mg,so I'll take 16 times 0,25mg 2x a week and see if it gives me any benefits.Just gotta wait 3-4 days for it to come.

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