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SPECT-scan Visual Snow Ben Wigmans

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Hello everyone,

I would like to share my SPECT-scan result with you. 

I was able to get it in Italy because of a friend of mine who also has Visual Snow who works as a nurse in Di Venere hospital in Bari. I was unable to get it in Holland because of several reasons. 

Link: http://youtu.be/b3Dtrt5pJ7U  

My symptoms are: visual snow, after images, trails, tinnitus, 
hyperacusis, light beams that shoot away from objects, blue field entoptic phenomenon etc.  

PS www.visualsnow.eu is still under construction. 



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VSTheNetherlands, is the autism mentioned in that research?

I think brain fog can maybe autism but un adults. If you have brain fog since you born, every body can't build a properly language, learn, have social skills....

I study a lot the conditions that are envolved with VS or HPPD, and almost all are in commom with virus, bacterias, autoinmune conditions... that are considered possible cause for autism.

Do you know the researchers? Goatsby?

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