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affection for the hppd; lost im the head?


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i dont have anxiety, i cant use weed because its really really trippy, like salvia with ans schizoprenich touch

im going affect for the DP/DR ,  im really confortably numb

im so out of the reallity and it do dont care the problems

and im worry for "cure" because back to the real world..... can be hard

but i have dreams like travels, and i have the posibilitty of use Naltrexone

i have a really idea of this can be the solution for the DP/DR, the visual not be a problems

but im dont know, im doing better the sports, martial arts, table tennis, soccer because its like "automatic"

i want travel the real world but i dont want lose this skills



im the only think of this mode??



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Hello Argentino,


I think that we're both in the same place. I'm quite comfortably numb as well. I lost everything (my job, flat, money, social life, health) but I do believe in recovery and things to get better.

And since I'm that numb I don't care too much about anything. If i'd lost my arm I would be like, "Oh no not my arm too!" Too bad." And then forget about it within a week. That's quite scary.

I think we both suffered enough for our brains to simply shut down the emotional system. If it wouldn't, I would be 1. Heavily medicated or 2. Dead.
instead I'm sober, trying to improve my life with small steps, it's not really going into the right direction either as new problems keep coming up with my health but I'm sure that it'll turn at some point.


See this as an opportunity to get better. When life is good again; that's when you'll get back into reality. And since life will be good by then, you don't have to worry about facing it either!


There's a lot of sufferers around that has everything we do but anxiety on top of that, that simply needs medication or a strict schedule of exercising and still struggling because anxiety is really tough.

I know it feels fake to not care when the major parts of your life right now is a mess, but isn't it better than having a general anxiety disorder, or social phobia? I'm sure it is. It's possible that we have a high level of cortisol in our blood, which is a defense mechanism from the body itself to reduce stress. So this feeling doesn't have to be linked with DP/DR.


DP is rare without anxiety. That goes for depression as well. Is it a good sign or a bad sign? For me it's positive and I want you to believe that too. HPPD is enough without a constant phsyical torture such as anxiety can become.


Kind Regards,

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