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Wavy & Bright vision

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Here's a little checklist for migraine triggers. Since HPPD has it's closest relation to migraine aura, it's worth checking.

Think of HPPD like a strong, persisting aura (auras are symptoms which precedes a migraine attack).




Avoiding triggers = avoiding flare ups. You can not recover entirely by avoiding them, but it makes the living with HPPD more managable.


Bright lights make it worse (particularly flourescent tubes), so wear sunglasses as often as you can. Other than that, sleep and eat well, exercise in moderation, get an anti-EP medication (like Keppra), avoid foods with loaded with refined sugar.

I had the classic type migraines with aura before I got HPPD (now I have the strange, more frequent "head pressure" kind), and I can assure you that these triggers are the very same for HPPD.


Allow your eyes to rest also, they get very strained from adapting to the HPPD symptoms every day. Aside from sunglasses, also lower backlight, sharpness and colors from TV and computer screen. Warmer whites might not look correct or impressive, but it's much softer for the eyes. If you read books, have sunglasses on. For me I can read twice as much before getting eyestrain with sunglasses on.


Have more soft lights on in your home instead of the bright ceiling lights.




Against "wavy" vision, avoid aggrevating the HPPD symptoms. The waviness will not go away, but it'll not be too overwhelming if you don't cause flare ups. The major culprits are mental and physical overstrain, poor sleep and overstimulation of the senses. You can both feel and see the change within a short time after these triggers are set in motion. Avoid the triggers, keep HPPD symptoms in check.

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