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Ibuprofen - Heal inflammation in brain

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I hope everyone's alright.


Since I recently developed HPPD and it's quite severe in many symptoms I'm trying my best to recover, as there seems to be a slight chance within the first year.


What's common after a stroke at a patient is that they'll get Ibuprofen subscribed to heal the inflammation in brain as quick as possible, because this is preventing the neurotransmitters or cells to recover.


Here's a source, testing on rats: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/10/121003111153.htm


I'm not sure if direct HPPD causes an inflammation in the brain or not, since it's not very like a stroke, but there's probably a minor inflammation that could prevent any recovery.


Do you advise of me taking an ibuprofen once or twice a day the following months? I know that the bi-effects is pretty bad for the stomach and liver, but hey I guess it's worth it if it will help me recover and I can get some Losec for the stomach.



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Ibuprofen is good for inflammation for the entire body. You've done your research. I wouldn't take it every single day though, in most cases. I would take it 3-5 times a week, something like that. Certain people have bad reactions to nsaids, especially Aleve! and I think ibuprofen as well. The worst culprit for wiping out internal organs is Tylenol in high doses. But Tylenol works in a totally different way than aspirin, naproxin and ibuprofen (it basically tricks the brain into thinking there is less pain). So I'd be cautious but it is definitely worth the try. 2-3x a week would be pretty cautious.

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Also as for your stomach lining being ripped up by the nsaids, I wouldn't go the PPI route. Keep it simple and as minimal as possible. Tums, gaviscon, or maybe perhaps zantac. But zantac is an antihistamine and may interfere with some drug or supplement that you are on that we don't know about. Consult someone who really knows, and someone who might know your medical history. A general practioner doctor or even your psychpharm if you have one. Keep us posted. : )

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Thanks for the tips. I'll stick to that and see if it would affect any kind of recovery. What I've noticed is that I now seem to be more sensitive when it comes to general drugs. I've been staying away from caffeine and alcohol these weeks but today I had myself a cup of green tea which has a very low amount of caffeine in it but it still gave me a calm buzz. Never had that before with tea. Maybe it's like that with the Ibuprofen so I won't need as much as recommended either.

400 mg Ibuprofen on morning headache days (which usually is 3-5 times a week) will do it!


Starting LCHF-diet tomorrow as well. So much fun.

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Interesting theory.. Well, keep trying! I'm quite sure it won't work but at least it's not very harmful with Ibuprofen.

HPPD is neither caused or maintained by inflammatory activity, actually it's more like partial seizure activity in the brain.


However, it might not be a bad idea to keep inflammatory processes in check when you have them. I'm talking about flu and other viruses which causes fever. Fever on the other hand, is inflammation at it's prime, and will affect your HPPD symptoms negatively. In those periods it could be good with Ibuprofen, I can't see why it would be useful otherwise.

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Ibuprofen is a fairly benign drug.  It's similar to taking an aspirin, tylenol, or naproxen.  Like people do for headaches.  Worth looking into Jess.

Well so far every supplement I have taken fuks me up, every drug I have taken that gets processed thru my brain fuks me up, I have also got multiple chemical sensitivities now since getting brain damage from Iboga. That's why I'm scared to take anything else :(

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