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L-theanine and exercise (please respond)


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Hey everyone, I just wanted a few questions answered regarding l-theanine, I tried this supplement out and it made me feel great for about 8 hours I was incredibly calm without the drowsiness from benzos, and my head also felt clear like I was functioning normally again, then all of a sudden I suffered a massive panic attack and became severely depersonalized, I would love to know if anyone could possibly explain as to why this would have happened I'm unsure to write it off as a one off or whether there is a specific reason for it. I would love an answer as I would love to perhaps use it more regularly when I start a new job soon and would love something to make me calmer instead of benzos.


Also this may sound stupid but I exercise a lot weights, boxing, running and walking I make sure I do at least one of them everyday. I was wondering if anyone has seen a spike in visuals if they don't exercise at all for one day as I noticed my vs increased once when I didn't do anything one lazy sunday and the purple colour stuck in my vision seemed to become more visible but did subside again. 


I have had HPPD since last November incase you're wondering and have seen very small improvements but nothing that makes me jump for joy.

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I take Theanine for sleep only.  It makes me feel too weird if I take it during the day.  Works great for sleep though.  I occasionally have to give my self a break from it or my body gets used to it and it's not as effective.  In those cases I take a little more klonopin and drink some chamomile tea before bed.

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I also have ADHD and I noticed I was a bit more settled and less hyperactive and was able to concentrate a bit better also. I never tried it for sleep yet because I just wanted to avoid a panic attack but as I said it did work incredibly well for 8 hours or so making me feel normal per say. Would still love to know why it give me such a bad panic attack, I've been to afraid to take it since haha

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wow well it is in green tea as well. but ill try it and ill give u a report. it seems like the best medication for adhd


but the best thing to do to relieve anxiety is to meditate: its basically the same state of mind as being on a psychadelic trip; it takes away preconcieved notions and relieves anxiety so that you're living "in the moment" objectively . i havent really achieved this state of mind yet because it takes a lot of practice and determination


im talking about mindfullness.


its weird how u got a panick attack. coincidence?

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