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Exercise is saving my life

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i have both dp/dr and hppd, and have had them for just over a year. Every single day I wake up and feel depressed and crazy, but about a week ago I joined a gym. At the gym and immediately after is my favorite time of the day, it's the only time I don't feel depersonalized and feel clear headed. I run for about 30 minutes a day and do an intense crunch/weight lifting routine. This is the only thing I can say has had good results with my visuals and my dp.

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By preworkouts do you mean the sugar free energy drinks? I fink and endorush before with is like 250mg of caffeine and lots of other energizing shit but it doesn't make me feel bad as long as I work out after having it


I wouldn't really call those preworkouts but I guess they could be used as a preworkout. Preworkouts are more of your supplements you take before working out that give you a rush and supply your body with energy. But even energy drinks for me are bad. Anything stimulating like preworkouts or energy drinks makes my dp/dr worse. 

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Fuck I went against your advice and bought some no xplode preworkout. I had half of 1 scoop and the recommended dosage is 1-3, I feel like I'm going insane and it's been like 6 hours since o had it


Yea. I went to this xpo they had here in Dallas called Europa and it is just a huge xpo where all these companies give out their supplements. So by the end of that day I had a huge bag of supplements. Needless to say I had to try them out and every one of them pretty much made everything worse. Bad advice in 3....2....1 steroids are the way to go lol. 

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