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troubles focusing at times


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just curious if others have troubles focusing on work and getting tasks done... especially around home... computer related / writing...


doing my best to determine if this is part of hppd or am i just a massive avoidance / procrastinator... ?


i can train and discipline myself to do it...


any feed back wouuld be good



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ok cool,, well thats good to know.. good to hear its improveing for you.

Im sure it will for me also, i just have to keep persisting.

makes it tricky when i have to write every day to make products for sale. i have to develop my writing skills.

I suppose its good to know its part of the condition and im not just a "slack ass."

Im sure it will become "easier" with practice... thanks

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Spartan, visuals by them self would be relatively easy to deal with. Hppd causes bad brain fog that mixes up all of your emotions. At least for me, I'm confused with what I want to do with my life, not cause it's sad but because I'm so foggy. It's like deciding if your gay or not(I'm not) it's like a constant struggle with how you feel

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