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any medications help with hppd and anxiety ?

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Hi tayler.

My symptoms started in Febr. and found hppdonline in July, so I have it for 8 months.

I stopped pot and alcohol because I knew something was wrong. I was very stressed because my gf broked up, lost my study degree, because I wasn't studying, have to come to my house (my parents chuck out me when I was 17)...

I wanted go without med until one day I had a bug discussio

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And found Alprazolam, which is a benzodiacepine. Benzodiacepines are meds to calm your general anxiety, but I advice you that yiu have to try other ways (read the benzo&withdrawal forum) or do a moderate and security use of that magic pills. First, they give you old yourself but them, they can put you in the biggest hell.

Benzo is other drug as cannabis, alcohol... and we have a strange disorder, so, we are right to try different drugs with moderation to help us dialy, but MODERATE please. If you eat one donut, you are calming your sugar anxiety, if you eat eight donuts, you will be godzilla.

Take care

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Keppra reduces the generalized "from nowhere" anxiety. Also the feelings of dread and impending doom which are common both in HPPD'ers and epileptics it completely wipes away IMO.

Panic attacks are best suppressed by benzos, but benzos are really devious.. Use them to much and to often and you'll become an addict and make all your problems a lot worse! Trust me, the anxiety you get from benzo withdrawal makes even the strongest panic attack seem like a walk in the park.

As AmyMarie says, it's most important to root out the causes of the anxiety with psychotherapy, and clear it out and confront fears with CBT/CPT methods.

This worked well for me, the rest of the hard-to-define anxiety was helped by Keppra, and in my case (since I have ADHD) also Wellbutrine and Concerta (methylphenidate).

I would not recommend any type of serotonin-altering drugs (like SSRI and such), since they quite literary aggrevates the damaged neural pathways which is the main cause of both HPPD and DP/DR. In my case I developed serotonin poisoning from Sertraline, which is both dangerous and like the worst bad trip ever! There's much research on this subject (neurological causes of HPPD, serotonin system and perception).

I'll post the articles in a separate thread when I've gathered enough of them..

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