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looking for a online pharmacy

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Where can I purchase goods meds, if somebody to know, send me a pm.

If have good experience with that pages, i would aprecriate that.

First, I will try the doctor route, but until now, they don't believe me and I have to have a B plain if I can't get scripts from doctors.

Details: I'm spanish, and I wanna to get keppra and nootropics, as aniracetam, piracetam and choline suplements.

Thanks beforehand and need help, so please, answer me.

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Ag this forum is dead so sorry nobody has responded. As far as nootropics go you can order them easily only. I use Newstartnootropics.com but there are other sites. As for keppra, I am not sure, your best bet would be a Canadian pharmacy website. I would find one you like and do some research on it and see what other people who have used them say. Here is the best I can do for you..........



Hope this helps,


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