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Narcotic/Antibiotic Anxiety


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During the inception, I use to get anxiety that any narcotic/antibiotic would effect hppd. I completely avoided recreational substance use, but also got paranoid and OCD about foods possibly containing alcohol/natural flavor (vanilla), caffeine/chocolate, or "spices" (as nutmeg is a narcotic at exceedingly high doses). I thought, even if I did not notice any perceptible difference, it would prohibit healing somehow (possible hypothesis). I kept thinking "It's better to be safe than sorry!", to the point where it was interfering with day to day life. I would also avoid soap and hand sanitizer with alcohol absorbed via skin. I then started to think - there have been reports of people being cured and never having it come up again.

The interesting point is that everyone inadvertently intoxicates with trace amounts of nicotine, gasoline, and other substances daily; this is simply from being outside, and enough gasoline can even result in death. 

If people have been healed, and obviously experienced this minute intoxication, perhaps some substances have no effect, or at least the ones that do, have no difference in trace amounts.

Can anyone relate to this? Also like to mention that I'm very healthy mentally now. Normal diet/lifestyle, and rather common spectrum of emotion, perhaps a little happier calmer than most due to prosperous Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

How much do you worry about pharmaceuticals? 

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I can totally relate to u!!! I am so adamant about what is in my foods, drinks and even perfume fragrances etc

I don't drink coffee anymore, I don't have tea, nothing with alcohol in it, no wheat, no dairy foods. Even colouring my hair I am so paranoid about the bleech being on for too long as it also fuking aggrivates my brain since getting hppd.

I just pray to god that one day I won't ever have to be like this again :(

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