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so inn the last week, my life has transformed so much. new school, new friends, huge tits girlfriend on only the first day, mom got a new job, i got my first job, just wow. But just before all this happened i  started meditating. first day, not to much cause i couldnt focus, second day i got a little deeper and started thinking differently, 4rth day Igot so deep. i was meditating for probably 2 hours, i eventually saw myself in my mind, not like you imagining it but almost like watching it happen from a tv. i saw myself floating above my house, my school, my city,places ive been and places i wanna go to, it was just beautiful. im not even sure what that meant but fuck i think meditation is almost a cure for emotional problems. upon awaking from this deep meditation, for what seemed the first time in years, i could'nt hear my heartbeat exploding like it always does, my pulse was slow and quite

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Thank you for this post.


Our empathy will allow us to spread the love [ http://rap.genius.com/The-notorious-big-juicy-lyrics#note-2922557 ]. Nice to have some positivity around here for a change.


I believe it is truly unbelievable how undermined meditation is among the general population. Even people I know with anxiety or overactive imagination [

] completely ignore it. A simple 10-15 minutes can have so many benefits which are extremely difficult to explain. I myself opt for walking meditation usually. What is your meditation setup?

Does you significant other know of your life prior to transformation? 
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