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Need advice please.

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First of all, I'm self diagnosed HPPD, because although that happened 6 months later of my unique dosage of shroom, I had a horrorific trip in which a cat hurt me, lol,(I left almost blind with a scratch near the eye, imagine that on your first trip wtf).

I did visit a lot of medics, trying to found the cause of visual disturbances and panicks attacks, psychologists,psychiatrists, otolaryngologists (looking for veatibular problems), chiropractors(looking for neck/other bones problems ...) until I looked for all my symptons in google and found hppdonline.

I had/have all that you can imaginate, visual snow, patterns in the wall, tracers/palinopsia which are the same, dp 24/7 and dr when I tryed to drink one beer, tinnitus, etc. For that Im sured that I have HPPD. My HPPD started 5/6 months later the trip wich I mentioned before, when I mixed a antyphsicotic pill with a join of hash (I know now what stupid thing I did),

Now, that I tell you my story, I need some advice. That morning, called me from hospital for EEG tomorrow (not qEGG, I will try). I will see my neurologist next week for results and I wanna get script of a anticonvulsionant (I saw a boy with similar history than me, hppd from only dosage who have success with high dose of Lamictal http://hppdonline.com/index.php?/topic/3634-probably-hppd-successfully-treated-by-chance/?fromsearch=1 or other histories.as Rene,.HBB, keep positive, merkan with keppra)

What drug do you think that would help to you more or what drug you.think that cant help me?

How can I convice my neurologist to get a script that? I have chronic migraine with aura diagnosed, personality disorder and Im some bipolar. Should I convince talking about HPPD, showing her experiments and succes histories, or for my migraine...

Thanks for read, sorry for bad english, its difficult to speak in your language, imagine in other and typing in a shit little mophile from neolytic.

When I will start any treatment, I would do a diary with semanal updates... etv

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If you have bipolar Lamictal and Keppra MIGHT be a bad idea. Not saying it is a sure thing but they do cause rage in a lot of people.


I suffer migraines as well and a few months ago I started taking Melatonin just for sleep issues. I guess it was like a month after taking Melatonin I noticed my migraines were almost completely gone, so I did some researching and found out Melatonin can be used for migraine prevention. Now if this is a direct cause of the Melatonin or what I can't say for sure but definitely when I don't take it my migraines get worse. I take 5 mg time released ones and I take them almost daily, maybe something to try for migraines and if doesn't do anything for you after a week you can always return it. I would definitely get the migraine issued solved first though, migraines can cause all shorts of issues.


As far as your personality disorder, are you talking about DP/DR? Where life can see dreamy/fake and you can't even recognize yourself? Or some other personality disorder where basically you feel like 2 different people? If it is DP/DR a lot of people get good results from Klonopin, it is addictive though. Sinemet is another medication you could try.

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Today had eeg and meds tell me with scary faces that they did for seem epilepsiabor some injury and just didnt see nothing. Suggered I'm hipocondriac or have anxiety.

I asked them the difference of eeg with qeeg and they didnt know.

Bad lucky, but I will insist to my neurologist for more trials (as eeg) for certificate my hppd and will trying get script of keppra.

Keeping hope, guess. Greetings

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