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How do you feel about psychedelics being used in human studies?


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I know being bias and stricken with HPPD many of you will immediately base your answer on emotion with a vehement "NO, these drugs should be wiped from the face of the earth"!! Now if you do feel this way try and separate your emotions from logic for a second.


Psychedelics have been found to be immensely medicinal and beneficial. Now seriously with the exception of HPPD the major dangers of most psychedelics or low to none. With the exception of those who have problems with major vital organs HPPD seems to be about the worst thing that can happen. But again you should not be using MOST substances if you have illnesses.


Now one of the studies I referring to is this one that was done at johns Hopkins university



HPPD or not we should all be completely PRO studies like this as it will inevitably give insight into side effects like HPP and we may also find ways how these amazing substances may be used as psychiatric tools. Just a thought, would love to see how others feel about this

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Well, if there is informed consent, it is better than what was done in the 50s and 60s!


Using these drugs are about purity (being the actual drug - not cut with rat poisen or whatever), dosage, and genetic makeup.  In general, testing is banned in the USA.  But they may be useful in low doses for a number of conditions.  As for 'safety' with those that have HPPD, it would be helpful to understand exactly why an individual got it in the first place before proceeding.


A lot of argument has been made about using weed for medical purposes.  Typically for pain, nausea and lack-of-appitite.  But we already know that it is implicated in developing scizophrenia while the brain is still developing (well into the 20s).


It the end, let the buyer beware and be careful.

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Several reports from Zoloft. 


One fellow gets it from Pimozide (for Tourette's) with Clomipramine (for OCD) ... but then resolves it with Benzatropine (anticholinergic).  Fine (without HPPD) for 20 years taking 3 meds together.


Some have got HPPD from antibiotics, even for ache ... the cost of another pretty face


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No Jess, but its a side effect for some people. There are MANY prescription drugs that can give it to you, namely seizure/migraine meds, seratonergic meds, blood pressure meds...there are tons out there where people report palinopsia , "multi colored static" etc. continuing many months after ceasing the meds.


Visual, in 1996 I had an "overdose" of LSD and I suffered for years feeling like everything was plastic and "unreal". That I was some sort of plastic shell "fucnctioning" in some fucked off pseudoreality. The DP/DR was accompanied with HPPD and PTSD like symptoms. Until I bit the bullet in 2000 and decided that I would try the "hair of the dog" method. I used a small doe of mushrooms and damn it was terrifying as it came on...it felt and SEEMED exactlt like LSD. In fact I thought that the muhrooms had been laced with LSD...and that there was no way that the mushroom were a separate substance...as I began to ease inyto the trip I let myself relax. As I came down about 5 hours later , for the first time in four years LIKE SOMEONE PULLED A SWITCH....the drug was wearing off and a very REAL reality was setting in.....The DP/DR was not there....for the first time in 4 years I felt calm....serene....NO anxiety....every fiber inside me was genuinely... happy for the first time....I told everyone around me that I must go....I must be alone to soak up what was a reality that I was detatched from for so long...I didn't know how long it was going to last...this reality that I understood on an emotional level...not an intellectual one...it was a reality that I hadn't FELT in 4 years....


This feeling did not fade over the next few days......weeks later it was still with me....somehow HPPD was the furthest thing from my mind...as I had my precious connection to reality again....but I DID notice that my vision was much CLEARER during the acute experience and that this "clarity " lasted...The visual snow was not as bad. I had no trails off objects,


As time went on , I was used to the reality again and I wasn't "glowing" like I was initially but at least I had a fundamental connection with reality again. I continue to this day to use mushrooms about bi-annualy ...no worstening of visual symptoms.....I don't particulary "enjoy" the acute effects. They are rather uncomfortable at times but the mushrooms without a doubt do something for the spirit...they make me more empathic and understanding.....less self serving. ...I have a more positive out look on life which seems to have a strong effect for many manyt months.


I would like to say DO NOT USE MUSHROOMS expecting this same effect. I don't know why this worked for me but everyone reacts differently to powerful psychedelics so please use caution and don't assume what worked for me will work for you.

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