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Hddp and possibly dp/dr


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4 years ago I had a bad experience with weed and after that I had the weird way in seeing things I became very sensitive to light and had thoughts that I was going crazy, I went to several eye doctors and there were prescription but non worked. I was taking amytriptiline for 2 years and stopped it and was feeling better and was left with only the visual problems and was ok with it, am using alcohol like normal and a little bit of weed atimes until may when I had too much weed unknowingly cos it was In a cake and ever since am not my self and all the symptoms are back and worst, the worst recently is the thought that keeps going on in my mind that am crazy, was prescribed 1mg of clonozopem yesterday and I hope it helps me I need more help with my mood too cos it's affecting my relationship and stopping me free from been happy. I look at my girlfriend and am angry with her for no reason please I need help with my mood and anxiety and am sure I can handle the visuals. Please reply


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