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Is a wordpress based blog that is being integrated to feed to my Twitter Following. This includes journalists in specializing in addiction and neuroscience and who have regular segments on sites including Time Magazine Online, Addiction Blog, and features in NYT, Boston Globe, and other outlets. Fortunately, my Twitter following has expanded to include the journal Addiction, Addiction Support Sites, Researchers, the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation Capital and Public Health Groups, and individual bloggers and tweeters who carry influence for taking a tiny message from me and amplifying it to many who count.

I have given expressed permission for a member of the media to review this site, in addition to my writings and the clinical literature, to consider writing about the story of this (our) forgotten patient population.

The perceptualpsych.org web site is preparing for daily HPPD updates from my text, but I need editors and other content writers. Graphic artists.

The research I designed will be administered through this web site. I advise individuals with twitter accounts to follow me at davidkozin or go to the site and retweet the current articles.

So far, I have published the following items:

1) An Annotated Bibliography of a Mythological Disorder. Then I include a comprehensive list of HPPD-related research nearing 100+ articles and abstracts.

2) A link to this message board.

3) A collection of descriptions of HPPD symptoms in your own words. So far, I have been contacted for more information.

Individuals interested should contact me at dkozin@me.com

- David

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