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Different types of hppd:

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Hey, I just thought I would make a post about how hppd can come in different types, I read that there are 3 types of hallucinogens: Dissociatives, Psychedelics & deliriants. The following is some information about them..

What Are Hallucinogens?

To be general, hallucinogens are psychoactive drugs that produce altered perceptions or ways of thinking and feeling when taken. To be specific, hallucinogens can be broken down into three types including dissociatives, psychedelics and deliriants.

What Are Common Types of Hallucinogens?


Dissociatives are a type of hallucinogen that work by creating sensory deprivation in the brain so that the mind creates its own perceptions without the interference of actual external stimuli. Examples of dissociatives include PCP, DXM, magic mushrooms and ketamine or Special K as it is often referred to on the streets.


Psychedelic drugs alter the way you perceive the world around you and are said to expand the mind-that is, turn off your brain's selective perception function and allow you to perceive everything around you. Examples include LSD, mescaline and peyote.


Unlike the two aforementioned types of hallucinogens, deliriants are actual hallucinogens in that they produce completely false perceptions that aren't based in reality. Examples include mandrake, deadly nightshade (commonly known as Atropa belladonna) and some medications like Benadryl and Dramamine when taken in high doses.

As you can see, each hallucinogen affects the brain on different ways and produces a different affect of hallucinations and disconnect from reality. This is why I believe that there will never be 1 type of cure for hppd. Of you got hppd from a dissociative (like me) your more likely to have sensory anesthesia/deprivation affect and full on dissociative distortions in reality plus hallucinations. In psychedelic hppd the hallucinations work only by turning off ur brains selective perception so it expands ur mind, again that is very different to a dissociative trip.

Anyways that's my little input and thoughts about hppd. There is never going to be a same set of symptoms for everyone, generally I see people coming onto this forum who got hppd from LSD, or ecstasy or mushrooms. I have not encountered many that have taken a dissociative hallucinogenic.

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I 100% believe that people's HPPD, while sharing similar characteristics, are all different depending on what drug landed them here.


Different psychedelics cause different types of visuals, so that would make sense why people have halos/auras, while others have tracers.


Shrooms also take you farther away from reality than LSD, so that would make sense as to why I had DPDR symptoms (I took shrooms), while someone that took LSD may just has visual symptoms.


Just my thoughts though.

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