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MRI scan triggered tinnitus. Anyone else?


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I was recently made to undergo an MRI scan, to rule out head injury  :huh: before further inpatient treatment, and hopefully SOME kind of officially prescribed supplement/medication. At the moment, the psychologists are refusing to administer me with anything, and have taken me off all supplements, even Omega 3!


To cut a long story short: ever since the scan, my occasional tinnitus has become much more frequent and intense.

The psych who prescribed the scan, of course refuses to take this connection seriously. 


The experience itself was very loud, despite headphones. My symptoms have already been worsened permanently by listening to a session of binaural beats for PTSD on Youtube. HPPD clearly sensitises many of us to to sound.


I had read that MRI can help to relieve depression. Not with me. I just feel very depressed (and angry) that this was forced upon me for no good reason  :unsure: .


´I wish there were a way to reverse this mess. I'm hoping this symptom will gradually calm down. Anyone out there who's had a similar experience with MRI?

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I haven't gotten an MRI since I got Hppd, but reading up on the matter makes me further believe that our brains produce an out of whack electrical field.

A neuron's dendrites( the branches that receive signals) probably aren't functioning up to snuff, so the signals we receive through other cells are coming in all whack. I think of it like this, though this most likely isn't a very accurate connection, a signal comes in that is at 96.5 fm, our dendrites act as a radio antennae. The antennae's all jacked up and perceives it as 96.2 fm, thus we get some of the information, but also a lot of static. That maybe the cause of VS....hmmmm

But anyways, your tinnitus should lessen on its own in a week, tops, in my opinion. Listen to some white noise, you can find it on youtube, and it's suppose to help with tinnitus.

Also, Fuck that binaural bullshit. I'm sure there are some actual compelling facts that state that these beats do help the brain. I tried some 5ht binuaral beats to promote serotonin potentiation. I really don't think it did shit. I don't doubt that binuaral beats have something to offer, but when they're made by random people and put on youtube...I just don't trust em.

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