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The message board before our last one contained the following members, which joined in this order (sorry for lack of commas). I have e-mailed the accounts addresses on file to advise them of a few updates. Importantly. 11.000 posts are organized and a group of researchers will use this for meta-analysis. I hear of numerous problems, and working back on the site because I am seeking IRB to approve the research study design that can be implemented quite quickly.

Anonymous Administrator Lucid shaman1993 chilly187 Nacho_03 Meth Lab pogb koolaid hppdonline dkozin misterD shawn chilly JILL1023 jft NikosP NeedHelp Unbrokenchain21 TonyHart Techsan DK Gitcha NAH! Shaynie Tverras kyleupchurch2003 NeedHelpUrgent doglike spofoman staind96 Cologero Flash Guitar makeitstop memyselfandeye Joseph P W Sprint bill False Prophet EraserHead VisionsOfJohanna wakkothesane XTC_Induced_Hppd Emily Headdropunit Keir benza Nihil Louis jason678 1998 Pineboy104 trypyamine Mike GloriousMorning bdjones komcaz51 mushis Lars Pontus vanilla sky Longshot doc51 Jake Figment washappy dave Rancidmilk2go postsynapse rottenmilk2go elroy jettson raoul Sephiroth HHD3 James mint400 milo1346 brackenduck hppdsupporter gringo AguyWithProblems PrimeDaz Mr.Bishie james21 Finewithit francisfay Louise Brisk ReggaeDave clyde54 psilocybin420 Methodone20 Tamarick Gaba joe dntknhw2b venus SnoShadow Neuroactive disturbded247 PRETENDWHEREDEAD staticman crazychickuk Ancient TellMyBrainImSorry holiertrippp newmoon kojak coinz500 gamma Tenebrous arch Girone Pengwin acidpsilobinhppd Quade SpacemanSpliff DrLerner MyCall81 Space Case annon dontmindme sydbarrett whitegoldenqueen syd needtorelax chickenboots i_am_hydrogen william euphoriagloria Jon18 Lost Prophet snowman theshiftingwalls fattytire jwalker Snowblind jftmn TWill acidcasualty damagedone danielbnelson Trippingintotheblue Mr.NoFace Calmfixup rory 1972 xPyr0x oldguy WakkoReborn zelda2803 ahhmakeitstop Ahhhmakeitstop stevenjc Valaki HammerTrain Sloop billgates955 Jono_aus jarby mm28 Lex_Averial since96 Coz max Zelda Cormac enthenoel yakams berg moree xxxx chuck_hell TwiceBjørn™ stillTRIPPIN Sklavenitis BEARPAW MrJynxx timmy Icculus Stoic NikkiD Eddie Spaven Loft DT hppd12 cdandmr dj lebarron psychadelic3lephant Plagued nytejade Brainstorm fried twisted SteveH thrushing77 joseph2515 Roland flip val rocky sydskyd nick sam442200 Saga Sthump Trippy_Cornflakes burnt-out john_henry Joaquim shelly78 Heather raezorz43 Doz nev John Henry traubert RebeccaS Psy-T sonalised realtime Lakes26 Since1995 SteveMH dark_natured fvoa Nebulus Fluke Pearce Jecht lazure PoeticAudio Choara Red Dawn KWH K-W-H Desired22 EndlessNameless Bukakke-Sake Julzy Gregarrio acidxstar SoulBrotha daybyday darkprince GodofStyx Big J Jay6785 UncaSid ramu1234 Gary The bag Zamtin00 Stranger introvert beanie kehrlein Manuel76 JD trails dofishoilswork? tom traubert pmcleod yankeehotelfoxtrot Ella_Guru laughingcow haptic

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