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Antibiotics making my hppd worse !!!!

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Hello my name is lianne I've been a hppd sufferer for 2years and was coping very we'll untill recent I've got a kidney infection and have taken antibiotics which have made my visuals much worse I'm really scared as I have to take more antibiotics and I have hypersensivity to any medication except paracetamol , I feel in dispear as I carnt stop wats happening to me and everytime I explain to doctors and family they don't understand and think my anxiety is wats causing my visuals really need help , sorry for long rant and thanks for reading x

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I've been on  antibiotics for a couple of days and my symptoms have gone through the roof too.


If antibiotics kill off bacteria indiscriminately, it makes sense that we suffer if certain gut bacteria are messed with.


New research: certain bacteria (psychobiotics) can actually produce neurotransmitters, so they have a direct effect on inflammation, anxiety, depression, stress levels. 

They affect the brain mainly via the vagus nerve:



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