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HPPD, Depression and SSRI


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I have HPPD since 2 and a half months but I have been in a strong depression since 7 years and now I feel that I can't do without a chemical help.


I had really dark thoughts these last times and I think way too much about suicide.


I saw a psychiatrist who gave me an anxiolytic named Stresam but it doesn't seem to do that much, maybe it helps to cope with the physical effects of the anxiety but I'm not even sure. That was one month ago, I told him I didn't want to try SSRIs since it seems that many people have had bad experiences with them.

I would like to know if someone had a success with a combination of SSRI/Benzo or SSRI/Dopaminergic.


I'm considering trying Sinemet next week, if my psychiatrist is OK with that. I'll bring him some papers about HPPD and the first medication trials from Dr. Abraham and see how it goes...

Since I am in an early stage of HPPD, I would like to not ruin all my chances to recover from the visuals with a medicine but in the other hand I feel so bad with myself than I can not stay in this situation for months.

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I would say, klonopin and sinemet.. I do take a TCA (anti-depressant) but it does nothing for my visuals/dp-dr netiher for my depression.

Klonopin takes away alot of problems. My CEV's and overall anxious feelings do go away for some time, but it has side effects like(depression) Though it helped me the most ince my hppd started, Id rather be depressed then anxious all the time.

Sinemet I would like to try too, but my pdoc wants to test other things first.

Good luck!

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I can't permit to myself to take a med who could likely make my depression worst at this level. I will stick to my plan to find some Sinemet and will try to take some fish oil high in EPA tomorrow and see how my moral will be doing in a month.


Thanks for you answer though, hope you'll have success with your new meds!

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Since my psychiatrist is not ready to prescribe me some Sinemet, I will try to get my hands on L-Tryptophan and L-Tyrosin. People seem to have good results with them without that much worsening of symptoms.


But because there is a tolerance and other side-effects on the long term, what would be the best dosage/cycle of intake?

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I feel you, I tried 5-HTP before I had HPPD and it did basically nothing.


Since a long period of Tyrosine use is causing a decrease in serotonine levels I will take Tryptophane to rise them when it will be necessary; but I'll need to find a good schedule for this to be effective on the long term.

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Just updating to say that if you have troubles with sleep paralysis, it will be good that you try some Tryptophan.


Before that I take it, I was doing one SP every three days, and it was way worse when I was lacking of sleep or when I drank alcohol.


One week of treatment on Tryptophan made them completely disappear... even when I drink.


I did one when I was taking Tyrosine, but I stopped to take it and now I'm just fine!


So just try this if you have troubles sleeping, for me it's wonderful to be SP free; that was really my worst symptom.

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