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What is the best benzo for visual reduction?

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I've not used Clonazepam..

Lorazepam decreased the visuals most, like 15% I would estimate. Oxazepam and Diazepam only makes miniscule decreases. As for the Z-drugs I would say the same, miniscule.

The best med against visuals is acceptance. They won't go away, no matter how hard you try. There's a risk of self-medicating with benzos against the visuals, which can put you in a even worse state, benzo addiction..

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Yes, I agree, the best medication for visuals is acceptance, accept them as part of your perception. My visuals don't bother me any more, at times when I'm really relaxed and lost in thought I actually quite enjoy them.


Unfortunately with the burden of HPPD comes a terrible set of symptoms. DP/DR, cognitive issues, memory issues, anxiety, depression, physical symptoms, fatigue, tinnitus, the list goes on.


I take Benzo's myself and those who do should not be judged. For some with more severe cases of HPPD it's simply not a life worth living, and medication is inevitable in a number of disorders, just because ours is not well recognised does not mean we are the exception. We deserve a normal life as much as anyone else, and if I have to swallow a pill to obtain that, addictive or not, then I will. I refuse to struggle to get through to the end of the day when I simply don't have to.


Not that I'm at all advocating Benzodiazepine use, everyone should do as much research as possible about what they're putting into their bodies, and simply see how you react to the drug. Nothing has worked for me apart from BZD's.


Oh, and as for how BZD's affect me: on a good day, 100% symptom free, on a bad day, 50-70% symptom free.

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