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Wanted to give a heads up on this stuff, ive been really depressed and it being itensified by a detox protocol im currently doing. I ve tried antidepressants and they make everything way worse. Maca was recommended to me by a natural health practitioner, after a week and a half on this stuff I have much better energy and my mood is generally better. I can definitely recommend this as a treatment for lethargy/depression and possibly anxiety and seemingly with no worsening of HPPD symptoms also this stuff makes me horny as hell so if you have problems in that department ;) another reason to get some of this.

I was advised that not all Maca is created equally so do some research before buying, my particular product is made by Rio Amazon. I use a lvl teaspoon serving everyday mixed in with tea, it tastes a bit strange at first but now I find it delicious you need to keep stirring or you will get a mouthful of powder at the end.

Hopefully this will be helpful for some people here!

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