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What's up with these Good and bad days

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I know every one of you have experienced this. Why do my symptoms get better and then worse. It's like I was feeling SO much better lately and then I wake up one day and my symptoms are randomly worse and I'm depressed. I've been anxiety free lately and my visuals were getting better but this happens whether or not there's changes in my life. Can someone explain?

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i think if any of us knew the reason for that we could make millions :\ ... but i know exactly what you mean. i have a series of really good days for me and then inevitably i have a day that just makes me feel like theres no reason to go on. all we can do is fight our way through those days and hope for the good ones to return

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This discussion of this disorder is so rough on the brain. I see trails and tracers from the moment I crack my eyed to the moment I shut them. My ears ring as well as pitch all day long and I'm suppose to remain optimistic and positive?? I don't even remember how to relax or get in a settle state of mind. I use to have a mild case of this miracle sent from god and now he won't take his foot out of my ass and it has progressed beyond any buddies human mental horizon. Lucky me.. I wish I would have won the lottery instead of this I think I'd have better odds. The rarity of this disorder is in the millions. Duck me..

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imo, sleep aka resting phase for the brain plays a big role in hppd. Its too bad our brains have a hard time resting.


When i first got hppd, i couldnt sleep at all, racing thoughts etc etc. eventually it got better but it was gradual.

In the past i would wake up in the middle of the night and also if i woke up, it was impossible for me to go back to sleep.

Nowadays, ill get about 7-8 hours of sleep and i wake up automatically. before hppd i could sleep for 10+ hours no problem. 

I also have a weird reaction to naps. If i do take a nap, ill wake up with a hint of mild anxiety/shittyness and also internal tremors for a few seconds. 


Contrary to the opinion that anxiety/dp/dr is a co-morbid disorder, my theory lies on that a brain chemistry imbalance is a triggering/cause of my anxiety as a part of hppd.

I think its supported by the fact that many of us have good and bad days. 

My bad days arent necessarily worsening of symptoms but the  surfacing of anxiety. I never had such anxiety in my life pre-hppd and the fact that when i first got it with hppd and it was gone (or so i thought) within 2-3 weeks of developing it is a mystery.

I thought it was gone forever and i had passed the dp/dr/anxiety phase of hppd. Well it came back about a month ago and lasted about 5 days.

I think about hppd everyday. Its hard not to since it is the cause of my drastic lifestyle change and a foundation point in thinking about the future but the daily thinking of it arent something that would feed/trigger my anxiety. If that was the case, i would have anxiety right now. 


With that said sometimes i think these changes are a sign of improvement? maybe im being optimistic. 


Bad days suck shit but after recovering from the 2nd round of my anxiety, it definitely strengthened my ability to ignore hppd better. It really does suck that anything food/medical related things i will experience for the remainder of my life will need my own personal research in interaction with hppd.. god forbid i might need to take some medicines that touch on dopa/sero/gaba/etcetc. but as long as it doesnt worsen anymore i think i would be fine with living life this way...

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once you get that mindset etardnow i do find it gets a bit easier to if not fix our problems, ignore them as much as possible. the paradox is you are completely correct in that every single thing i have physically and mentally and emotionally wrong with me goes through a phase where i wonder if its due to my hppd.. and being so prevents me from doing anything about it right away. once you get past that hurdle though you eventually can move on

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