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this sounds fake/too good to be true but....

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Well, bloodletting has been around for millennia. Curious this claimed affect on HPPD for some people. Of course spilling a pint of blood every 8 hours isn’t going to be a practical ‘cure’.

"This revelation led to the discovery that HPPD is not permanent brain damage and is not a mental disorder, but rather a complex problem related to pressure"

IMO this hypothesis is flawed. It is in the very nature of brain injuries to have problems with biochemical processes (metabolism). So the affected areas ARE sensitive to blood flow/pressure, sugar, oxygen, cortisol, …

Nevertheless, the report that "I discovered that these symptoms, as well as trails, tinitus and hallucinations can be completely relieved…8 hours" is interesting. Would be helpful to know more about these people. Perhaps it is just a fake…


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Pretty sure it is a fake post. No other reseach into the subjuct has pointed any where near the same conclusion. He does not introduce himself as a doctor or reseacher and posts it on some forum instead of a journal. Plus the conclousion he comes to does not make sense.

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