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Going to the university this fall!!

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Well since i feel that the meds have helped me out so much, pretty much symptom free, and i can now keep going on with my life i will start studying Religion in Gothenburg City.

This is not a theological education but a philosophical direction which will hopefully leave me with a master in religion. First 1 1/2 year is on the university with mandatory courses then i might ask to get a year abroad on some institute. and write the my exam paper at the University. Just two more years after that ;)

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Glad for you!

Was wondering what meds worked for you and which symptoms best resolved?

You earlier mentioned Keppra being very helpful (visual snow, trails, DP/DR, able to focus), so was this the main one? Are you still taking 1500mg or have you been able to taper down?

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Congrats man! Being in school has really helped me by giving me something focus intently on and leaving HPPD and other things behind.

I'm also working on my bachelors in Religious Studies and have 2 semesters left. You probably know how annoying it is trying to explain the difference between theology and the academic study of religion to everyone who asks what you study.


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