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I am new. :)


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Hi everyone.

I know this board since a few months. Now I decided to make an account hehe^^


Have HPPD since a year or something like that. Don't know when it started.

Came from LSD + MDMA I think, got very worse from cannabis after tripping.

Maybe important to say that HPPD developed just on my SECOND acid trip I think.

Did LSD just 5 times...


Yeah... The drugs that I used in the past two years are:

Cannabis, DXM, Speed, MDMA, Alcohol, LSD, DOC, Mushrooms

(from often to once in this order)


Medication I tried while on HPPD:
Fluoxetin, Seroquel, Olanzapine, Risperidone (OMG...! If you wanna trip for free take this shit :D), Promethazine, Melperone, Aripiprazole, Tetrazepam, Diazepam, Lorazepam, Clonazepam and now Keppra :)


Yeah. May god bless you.


By the way was in psychiatrie a few times this year. First we all thought it is a psychosis... But antipsychotics did not help. After risperidone made my symptoms worse it was clear it is HPPD. Docs in psychiatrie approved it is HPPD. But I am not diagnosed with HPPD because I'm from Germany and here psychiatrists use ICD-10 instead of DSM-IV. Most psychiatrists here of course never heard of HPPD before because it is not described anywhere. I'm glad they googled it^^ They were very interessted in this topic!

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Welcome to the forums! Do you mind telling us what symptoms you have?

And you don't seem very bothered by your HPPD in regards to the attitude of your post, which is a very good mindset! 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me, or any other member in fact. Enjoy your stay. 

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Well I just take it with irony at the moment. By day it is not such a great problem for me because I can mostly ignore it.

It is a very great problem when I try to sleep. It is impossible for me without meds... :(


I have every symptom of HPPD I think. Seriously everyone including DR/DP. Plus panic attacks (up to 5 times a day...) while trying to sleep without meds.

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