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Discrete treatment while under a parent's insurance

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So It's gotten to the point where my HPPD has caused me to discontinue all substance use (starting just recently). Exercise, sleep, eating healthy, substance discontinuation, and benzos seem to help with treatment of HPPD symptoms. Steps have already been taken in all departments sans benzos and actual medical treatment (which, granted, hasnt always proven effective anyways)

My question is this. I am still under a parent's health insurance right now, but I am over 18, thus my doctor would need my consent to discuss my condition with my parents. Would I be able to set up an appointment, and fill my own prescriptions while using my parent's health insurance without them being notified of my condition? I am not worried about paying the co-pays for the visits and for any prescriptions myself. It's not that I am ashamed to tell my parents, but rather that I feel like they have taken care of me long enough as a child, and I think it is time I should start taking care of my own fucking problems instead of putting the burden on them. Worst-case scenario I can always get health insurance of my own through my employer, although it may be difficult to do that discretely.

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