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Does anyone with hppd have experience with Depakote? My doc says it would be beneficial for me for other reasons (bipolar) but from what i've read about it it's also used as a treatment for epilepsy, and I vaguely recall people using other medications for seizures that helped with hppd?


At any rate, if someone has tried it, i'd like to hear from them, mainly because I don't want to risk making my hppd worse.

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I've taken depakote for the last 3 yrs. for bipolar. It has helped my mood stabalize and my migraine headaches which is great.

On the other hand it does make you very lazy, gain weight and your visuals might get a bit worse at the start of the med but they'll die back down (most likely)

I've only slept a couple hrs and I'm going thru benzo w/d's so sorry I'll answer this ? later when I don't feel like puking.

Only take depakote if you have to, it has a long list of side effects like losing your hair and it's hard on your liver so you have to get blood work every 3 to 6 months, to make sure all is well. GL

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