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So I have a list of supplements to help with (THIS IS NOT A CURE) the symptoms of HPPD, particularly dp/dr. These supplements worked for me but everyone is different I just want to be able to possibly help someone out. Skullcap, valerian root, alpha brain, hempseed oil, multivitamin, l tryptophan, cbd oil. This combination of supplements worked great for me to ease the anxiety on my road to recovery. The only way you can recover is through time and willpower. I also suggest exercising, eating as healthy as possible, remaining sober, talking to a therapist and trying out cognitive behavioral therapy. I hope this it helps someone else out as it has seemed to greatly reduce all of my symptoms, I am not yet cured but I am confident I will be one day.

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I buy my skullcap from vitamin shoppe and follow the directions on the bottle for use sorry I am not home right now to check the actual dosage. As for the alpha brain what really sucks is that it so expensive but you can try other less expensive nootropics. Do some research on google to see what might be right for you.

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