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So I know what full HPPD looks like...

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I woke up today, everything was made of static. The scintillating pixels were huge, and everytime I moved my eyes the outlines of objects stayed for at least 30 seconds. It was horrible. Luckly it faded to a bit over normal which I am sure will stay, but at least it is not that. Jesus, do some of you have to live like that? It would be hard for me to not justify gouging my eyes out and living in darkness.

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The "static" for me during this re triggered hppd cam over a year after the afterimages. One morning I woke up and the darkened room was spotted with white specs all over my field of vision. I thanged to more of a phosphene like darkness with mini/micro phosphenes of orange and a bit yellow and blak. It is a vibration like experienc in the day. It changed into that when on medication and had some body work. I am suspecting that for me at least ith has to do with pressure on the optic nerve from the base of the skull. I got the retriggering of hppd after a strenuous hike and anxiety.

Never had the "static" during the other episode though, only afterimages and such.

Before this long standing episode, I was minimal hppd visuals for 18 years. It had been bad for 3 years and diminished to close to normal.

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