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question about symptom fluctuation

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My symptoms seem to fluctuate a lot.  I can go days and sometimes even weeks without noticing any symptoms (which I am extremely thankful for).  When my symptoms do kick in, they usually coincide with a migraine headache and last anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks.  My symptoms include floaters, occasional flashes of light, mild vibrating heatwave-like patterns, trails/after images, mild jumpy vision, light-headedness and I also just had my first scintillating scotoma recently.  Is it possible I'm not experiencing HPPD, but rather Migraine Aura?  I've had bad migraines my whole life, but I first noticed these visual symptoms about three months after my bad LSD trip (complete sobriety ever since the trip).  Could that be a coincidence?  I've talked to my doctor about it and she doesn't believe it's LSD-related.  She said 3 months post-drug use was too long for there to be a sudden onset of symptoms.  What do you guys think?   

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After reading more about migraines, it seems unlikely I'm only experiencing migraine aura alone, since migraine auras don't tend to last more than an hour or two.  I'm thinking maybe I have mild HPPD that is made worst by my migraines?  Or maybe the fluctuations don't have anything to do with my migraines and they're just a result of higher stress levels, etc...  Looking back on it, I did experience some visual anomalies (CEVs, OEVs, Floaters) immediately after the trip.  I'm kinda just rambling to myself at this point but if anybody has any input it'd be appreciated.  

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Yes I had really bad migraines and they would fluctuate my symptoms real bad, eyes would get real sensitive to light, more so then they already are, floaters would get worse, blurry vision, dp/dr, I would start clinching my teeth when a migraine came on and a ton of other things. My migraines have seem to gotten better over the past few days out of nowhere but they are still there and I have only experienced slight symptom relief but they do seem more regular now. Also since my migraines have gotten better my cevs have gone away which makes it a lot easier to sleep. That is the only symptom that has gone away and hopefully stays gone. My migraines happened after HPPD so I do believe they are intertwined somehow. Another thing I would get would be a subtle wave of tingles or a weird euphoric feeling come across my body sometimes when a migraine came on. Whatever the case is migraines do effect you, you should see a optometrist imo because of the flashes of light you are seeing, vision problems can cause migraines. Look up a symptom called Alice in Wonderland syndrome, it is caused by migraines so why couldn't HPPD or any visual anomalies be the same. Now that is rambling lol

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