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Natural COMT inhibitors

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I have been reading up on natural COMT inhibitors. Some that came up as possible cantidates were quercetin and egcg. Egcg is a natural catchetin found in green tea. It has COMT inhibiting properties. I have not yet been able to find a pure egcg supplement. All of the ones that I have seen have been green tea extracts which contain caffeine. I have however been able to find a decafinated egcg green tea extract. It contains 70% egcg and a negligible amount of caffeine. It is however quite expensive, so I will have to wait until I get my next check to purchase it. I have however purchased a quercetin complex which has shown to have COMT inhibiting properties. I will be recieving that in about four or five days. I will report back when I have tried both. Considering dr abrahams COMT inhibition study with tolcapone, this could be a very promising prospect for treatment.

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Slight tangent, but this might interest you.. I had my genome analysed recently.

Of the COMT gene, I have the rs4680 Met158Met variant. Which means: 'Worrier'. More exploratory, lower enzymatic activity

See; http://www.snpedia.com/index.php/Rs4680

Some things that immediately pop out...

Under conditions of increased dopamine release (eg, stress), individuals with Val158 alleles may have improved dopaminergic transmission and better performance, while individuals with Met158 alleles may have less efficient neurotransmission and worse performance. Some evidence suggests that Val158 alleles are associated with schizophrenia, while Met158 alleles are associated with anxiety.

[PMID 16878403] Met158 allele carriers had "a more focused response...during a working memory task." "The met158 allele seems to be beneficial during the performance of working memory and attention-related tasks, whereas the val158 allele appears to be advantageous during the processing of aversive emotional stimuli."


[PMID 15673663] "Increased limbic and prefrontal activation elicited by unpleasant stimuli in subjects with more met158 alleles might contribute to the observed lower emotional resilience against negative mood states."

I wonder how important this variant could be in HPPD. 
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