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Psychiatrist Appointment - Recent development points; syntheso, ODISA

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I have an appointment with a psychiatrist in 2 weeks that has supposedly heard of HPPD before. 

I am after some points so to speak to give to him in regards to medication and recent developments.

Also some plain and obvious do and don'ts to do with HPPD such as SSRIS, anti-psychotics etc.

I'd love some comments from some of the more active users: syntheso, onedayillsailagain and so forth.

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The med I want to try most is Levetiracetam, which has the most promising study with regards to HPPD (so it should be easier to get it prescribed). Although there are very mixed reports here about its efficacy. I was meant to go on it four months ago but there have been various delays. That would be my first point of call. Most of what I have spoken about is anecdotal and speculatory, I doubt it'll convince your doc. But you could get hold of it yourself if you want to try. Best wishes!

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What syntheso mentioned. Also; I'd say don't bother with Clonidine. Avoid stimulants if you can (except Modafinil which is worth a shot), as well as anticholinergics.
Try to save Clonazepam as a last resort. Perhaps consider a MAO-B inhibitor. Maybe Propranolol is worth a try if you're prone to anxiety and don't suffer from hypotension. Personally I wouldn't use TCA's, though there have been reports of it being useful for depersonalization.

If you're not prone to addiction and suffer from anxiety, you might want to look in to benzo usage on an as-needed basis.. Not a real advocate of benzos myself, but used responsibly they can help you through hard times.

That's all I got for now man; good luck!

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Thank you for your reply, I'm curious as to how the TCAS would effect my depersonalization. 

I've tried Valium, but my tolerance was ramped from 0.5 to 40mg in just over a month. So my tolerance was built very quickly, or either my anxiety was. Either way I didn't enjoy having to swallow 5+ pills at once to feel the same effects as half of one just over a month ago. 

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