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That my HPPD started to kick in harder once my DP and DR started going away? Its like I am noticing how serious of a problem HPPD is the more connected I am to myself and reality. I had it for 6 months and I cut out drugs, alcohol and partying. I started exercising, eating right, and taking multivitamins. Sometimes I took an extra magnesium supplement, fish oil, or vitamin B-100 complex but that only helps a little. I do brain exercises daily on lumosity.com but that only goes so far in aiding cognition.

Yesterday was the first day I saw trailers from cars driving past me. Before that my symptoms were: after images, objects appearing to be moving, decreased cognitive capabilities, brain fog, objects in my peripheral vision looking like something they were not, visual snow, floaters, halos, feeling like things are about to move, serious anxiety, weird and confused thoughts.

Today was the first day I observed visuals without any anxiety, confused thoughts, feelings of movement, brain fog, DP or DR and its like wow the part of my brain responsible for vision is obviously messed up if its just happening without the other symptoms.

I`d say exercise was the major factor in taking away my DP and DR. Time is restoring my depth perception. I take no medications and want to defeat this thing on my own but its almost like its getting harder. From the onset of my HPPD in April until August I had serious DR and DP but in a way it was easier to sort of not get THAT depressed about HPPD because of it. The downside was that each day was bad. Now I transitioned to having good moments and then very very bad moments. Sometimes when I`m focused on something or am very into a conversation with my friends or people at work I forget I have it for very brief moments. But then other times it hits me just as hard as always. I`m getting more attacks of depression now. Its not fair, I started doing all the right things but its not helping as I expected.

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