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Migraine medicine?

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I've been getting some really bad migraines and no OTC medicine seems to be helping. So I got to looking and came across Cafergot, which isn't available in the U.S. and Sumatriptan which I guess is. Has anyone ever tried or heard of anyone on either of these 2 medications. The migraines happen like 2-4 days a week and can last from a few hours to all day long. Usually it is one spot in the middle of my head or my side temples, neck pain and various symptoms occur when I get these migraines. Symptoms change from migraine to migraine but mostly it increases my anxiety, gives me tunnel vision, fatigue, my eyes are already sensitive to light but they get even more sensitive when I get these migraines and tingling are the most common ones or sometimes I just get a migraine and feel sick, like phlegm.


So after taking a ton of different OTC medication with no success I came across these, Cafergot, which led me to Sumatriptan since Cafergot isn't available here. Has anyone tried either of these? Have they helped with migraines? Any difference in your HPPD symptoms? If I had to take Sumatriptan what would be the difference between that and just making a Ayahuasca brew and taking a small sip on a daily basis?



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