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Question about a cyst on my neck

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I got this cyst on the right side of my neck, this happened the very next day(or possibly the same time) I went into lala land on some bad ecstasy which is the cause of my HPPD. The night it happened the right side of my neck was hurting, blood was being rushed to my head and it seriously felt like my brain was swelling, just complete delirium. Now I've done asked my doctor about it and he says it is a cyst, you can't see it and it can only be felt. It is hard but not rock hard, seems to grow with stress or some medications and various problems can cause it to what to me feels  like swells up. I have had it for almost 3 years now. About the size of a dime and at times it will feel like it is almost gone and the next minute it gets bigger and harder, it can't be seen even at its worse it is under the skin. The exact location is right below my skull on the right side of my neck, basically where your edge up is. Now I was told this cyst is on a stress vein when I went to the ER before. The cyst doesn't hurt but at times when it grows it is like I can feel it? but with minimum pain. But this will cause my neck to hurt, give me migraines, and can even hurt my spine around the base of my skull. Like any doctor when I asked about it he just said "it's a cyst" and really just blew it off. I had a cyst on my hand before that you could see and I smacked it with a book and it went away, my gf hit me in the back of my head with a book several times which I am sure she enjoyed and I couldn't pop the cyst. I will bring it up to my doctor the next time and tell him I want it gone or he needs to check into it.


I was just wondering if anyone has anything they might know about it, it is pretty deep in my skin and I don't know if it really is a cyst or not. Are there anyways to remove it myself or should this be checked/done professionally?


Thank you

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