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Vyvanse (a stimulant) made HPPD much worse- scared

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3 days ago I took a stimulant called Vyvanse that my doctor prescribed me. Ever since then my HPPD, which has been stable for years, has gotten many many times worse, especially the trails after moving objects. My DP seems a lot worse too.

I'm really scared that this worsening is going to be permanent. My question is to anyone with HPPD who has taken a stimulant and gotten worse: did you stay worse, or did your symptoms return to baseline?

Thank you in advance for any responses.

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I have HPPD consisting of marihuana-like derealization, LSD-like movements of surfaces, and optical noise.

The LSD-like movements had gotten much better over the course of 7 years until they were barely noticeable, until I took Ritalin. Within two weeks, the LSD effects were almost as bad as in the beginning. The rest of my visual effects were not affected. I discontinued Ritalin. The LSD effects remained unchanged (other than going through their usual cyclical fluctuation over 5 days (IIRC) for the next few weeks.

Then I started taking low-dose Risperidone (2mg, I think).

For the first two days, nothing happened. On day 3, the LSD effects were basically turned off, back to barely noticeable.

It was like flipping a switch. In the morning they were there, in the afternoon they were almost gone.


I continued taking Risperidone for a few weeks, even increased the dosage, but nothing else happened. There was no effect on my other visuals.


After discontinuing Risperidone, the LSD effects did not return, even when I started taking Ritalin again (strange, huh?).

I've been taking Ritalin for a few years now. The HPPD symptoms are stable.


Caffeine never affected my symptoms.




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